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TEL:03-5424-0670受付:10:00〜17:00 定休日:日曜日・祝日


Tomoe Collection Co.Ltd.   トモエ・コレクション白金台
Address 〒108-0071 東京都港区白金台5-18-17 ゴールドフォレスト1F

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1 minite walk from Shirokanedai Station (Nanboku Line/Mita Line)
10 minites walk from Meguro Station (JR Line)
地下鉄(南北線・三田線)白金台駅 徒歩1分 / JR 目黒駅 徒歩10分

Phone 03-5424-0670
Office Hours Open: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Closed: Sundays and Japanese Holidays
日曜・祝日 休


トモエ・コレクションでは ・クリエイティブで ・良質で ・着ける人に合っているジュエリー を心がけデザインしています。

Since 2003 Tomoe Collecton has been committed to providing our customers with unparalleled customer service, industry expertise, and custom jewelry, and we are still dedicated to the same ideas the company was founded upon: creativity, commitment to the customer, quality,and making sparkling jewels accessible. Tomoe Collection's jewelry is stylish,easy-to-wear, and totally everyday. From diamonds to brilliant colored gemstones and quality pearls, Tomoe Collection's designs excel at showcasing these materials' natural beauty. Set in sterling silver, rhodium, platinum, and high karat white, yellow and pink gold, our creations are constructed as quality pieces.  At Tomoe Collection, we offer you exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else, along with customization options to create special jewelry that's uniquely yours.